Toby and Dom’s wholesome Assembly Yard wedding

midding v. intr. feeling the tranquil pleasure of being near a gathering but not quite in it—hovering on the perimeter of a campfire, chatting outside a party while others dance inside, resting your head in the backseat of a car listening to your friends chatting up front—feeling blissfully invisible yet still fully included, safe in the knowledge that everyone is together and everyone is okay, with all the thrill of being there without the burden of having to be.

"The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows", John Koenig

I shared this beautiful quote and definition on my Instagram page a little while ago, and the consensus was unanimous: all my wedding photographer pals could relate to this feeling.

There are some weddings where it is more powerful than others.

The other night, whilst Toby and Dom's were mingling with family and friends in the middle of their wedding reception, I stood back, overlooking this beautiful, lovely chaos, and felt that blissful peace which 'midding' is all about.

Toby and Dom's wholesome Assembly Yard wedding

These two met through mutual friends and they have been utterly smitten ever since. Toby knew Dom was his forever straight away, so much so, that he bought an engagement ring only two months after they started dating...but then proceeded to wait for a 'socially acceptable' time before he could propose.

Family means the world to these two, and their wedding day was a reflection of that. From babies peacefully sleeping through the ceremony, kids running around everywhere, many cousins and aunties and uncles exchanging hugs, and adoring grandparents, everyone was here to celebrate Toby marrying his Dom. And of course, a special mention to their dads/parents and siblings for their beautiful speeches that hit everyone in the feels (queue: lots of 'awwww's and 'aaahhh's, heads thrown back laughing, and a few tears quickly dabbed in the corner of an eye, caught just before they could roll down a cheek).

For Toby and Dom, love is in the every day. From when they greet each other with the same enthusiasm every day when Toby comes home, to sipping a cup of tea and reading a book next to each other. Love is to never stop being vulnerable with each other and sharing not only the good and happy moments life has to offer, but to get each other through the more difficult and challenging parts of it too.

Toby and Dom, thank you for having me on your special day, and for throwing one of those weddings that I know is just the beginning to a beautiful and strong mariage, one of those weddings that makes me think 'Yep, this, is why I do what I do'


Ceremony venue: St Mary's Cathedral
Reception venue: Assembly Yard
Gown designer: Eva Lendell from Bridal by Neeve
Bridesmaids' dresses: Forever New
Groom's suit + Groomsmen's attire: Myer's
Florist: Honey Bunch Botanicals
DJ: Go Gabz
Caterer: Sultan Pepper
Drinks: The Handsome Stranger
Invitations and stationary: Paper Linen
Transportation: Ford Wedding Cars
Furniture hire: Black Label Events + Maisey's Collection
Tableware/decoration: Side Serve
Photobooth: The Mighty Booth

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