rêverie /ʀɛvʀi/

The Rêverie workshop is born from a desire to connect and to create.

We are so excited to bring amazing content days, workshops and education for wedding photographers to Perth, WA (and hopefully to the rest of Australia one day).

The French word ‘rêverie’ (pronounced /ʀɛvʀi/) refers to a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.

We want our styled shoots, content creation days and workshops to feel just like that: a suspended moment in time that almost didn’t feel real. A safe space to learn, create, discover, connect.

Meet your host


Alice is a French-born Perth-based wedding and editorial photographer.

Her photography is heartfelt, elegant and timeless. She doesn't believe in manufacturing moments, so instead, she embraces a documentary approach thoughout most of the wedding the day, capturing split seconds as they unfold in front of her, and create editorial images with a clean finish.

Alice has a background in education and used to be an English teacher in pre-Covid days. Although she adored teaching, that particular job wasn't fullfilling, and in January 2020, she made it a single goal for herself to accomplish during the new year: become a professional wedding photographer. Two months later, the world went into lockdown, and weddings were a thing of the past.

She lost her teaching job, started to work at a local coffee shop whilst building her wedding photography business from the ground up in the middle of a pandemic. She shot her first wedding in 2020, and since then, she has now photographed more than a hundred weddings, expanded her business to her home country of France, been featured in sought-after Australian and international publications, and reached a six-figure income.

She attributes her success to the invaluable connections she has built with her industry peers and the education she has invested in from the very early stages of her business.

Alice was recognised as one of the 21 Best Wedding Photographers in Australia and New Zealand in 2023, and her work has been seen in The Anti Bride, Together Journal, Ivory Tribe, and Nouba.

Meet your co-host


At the age of 20, Alex decided to leave her Parisian life behind and embark on a daring adventure, moving across the globe to a new country. It was a leap of faith that would shape her future in unimaginable ways.

Fast forward to today, and Alex has not only overcome those initial challenges but has also built a highly profitable 6 figures business. She's traveled to the most breathtaking destinations to capture weddings and is now living the life she always dreamed of.

Alex’s photography is a beautiful fusion of styles. Her work is a testament to romance, capturing the deep emotions of life's most precious moments. Her timeless and elegant approach creates photographs that feel like a journey into a world of love and realness.

Bringing content creation days, workshops and education to wedding photographers wanting to take their brand to the next level.

Together, we are joining forces

Rêverie is the perfect place to create your own community, and build and foster connections with like-minded photographers.

Invest in yourself and in your business and get access to our expertise - learn how we create our images, how we refined our brands, and how we run the back end of things from.

Although we grew up in opposite sides of the same country, we both share a similar business journey and moved to Australia in our early twenties. We know that starting a business (especially in a place far away from home) isn't an easy feat, but with the help of community, we were able to achieve results very quickly.

Why should you attend a content creation workshop?

What’s Included in your ticket


Editorial Content for you to photograph

Education and practical tips from your hosts

There will be plenty for you to shoot throughout the day so that you update your portfolio with some stunning editorial images. There will different stations happening at the same and throughout the day so that you can be subdvided into two smaller groups. This will ensure that everyone gets a chance to take the lead, get closer and direct the models. There will be a real couple, two professional female models, a ceremony set-up and a tablescape for you to photograph (plus a couple of suprises...)

We will start our day with a morning presentation by your host, Alice. Her and her co-host, Alex will then accompany your throughout the day, demonstrating and walking you through how they approach different scenarios, handle light, utilise locations, and interact with their subjects.

After the second shoot which will take place in the afternoon, Alice will perfom a short live editing session, sharing some of her favourite tips and tricks and giving you an insight into she achieves her clean and true to life editing look.

The day will end with an interactive Q&A session facilitated by both Alice & Alex.

Long italian lunch

Access to established and renowned vendors

Half-way through the day, we will break over a long shared Italian lunch. The Rêverie Workshop is about so much more than just photographing editorial content and learning from your hosts, it is about community and connection.

Use this occasion to talk to new people, and get to know each other! Who knows, this is where you might meet you future best friends (I know this is who I met mine!)

We will also welcome all our attendees over some delicious snacks, tea and coffee in the morning, so make sure you arrive on time to get to know each other before the workshop starts.

We are bringing together the best of what Perth (heck, Australia!) has to offer. We are not leaving anything to chance and on the day, you can expect incredibly well thought-out and unique set-ups and looks.

For the occasions, we have a planner/stylist bringing to life the ceremony set-up and table scape, as well as an editorial stylist who put together all the bridal looks you will be photographing. And of course, when it comes to the models, florist, HMUA and the rest of the vendors involved, you will be working with the creme de la creme too!

Those connections are just as valuable as the ones you will make with fellow photographers, so we highly encourage you to network on the day (and afterwards too, of course, by sharing your images with them).

The Rêverie Workshop

Learn, Connect, Create

By Alice Andre Photography


How many people can attend the Content day workshop?

Is the content day workshop tailored for beginers or experienced wedding photographer?

Our Rêverie Content Day Workshop will be limited to just 10-12 attendees maximum. This limit is crucial to ensure that everyone has ample shooting time, access to industry experts, and the opportunity to work with high-end content.

ALL levels are welcome at The Rêverie Workshop! Whether you're a complete newbie who hasn't even shot a wedding yet, or an established photographer looking to explore editorial wedding clients, there's something for everyone.

Where will the workshop be taking place and how do I get there?

What should I bring on the day?

You should bring your camera gear, including camera bodies, lenses, batteries, SD cards, flashes, film cameras and rolls. We also recommend bringing a notepad, and a pen so you can take notes during the first and last part of the workshop.

We also ask that participants have their own liability insurance in order to attend the workshop. We reserve the right to refuse access to anyone who fails to provide us with proof of coverage.

The Rêverie Workshop will be taking place at a stunning private property in Darlington, in the Perth Hills. The property is located about 40 minutes away from Perth CBD, and 30 minutes from Perth airport. So, if you are coming from Perth, we recommend driving there (we strongly encourage carpooling) or taking an Uber as public transport isn't very accessible in this area.

If you are coming from interstate, we recommend you book a hotel or an Airbnb near the airport or in the Perth Hill for conveniency. From there, you can also hire a car or get an Uber to the property.

For privacy reason, the exact address will be communicated to the participants who have bought a ticket one week before the event and will be sent together with a map including more details on where to park and how to access the property.

What kind content will there be to photograph on the day?

There will be a ceremony set-up, as well as a long-table reception set-up. These will be paired with a real-life couple so you can get life-like shots to add to your portfolio. Later in the day, there will also be two female models.

The reasons behind this are so that you can both get a lot of diversity in one day of shooting, and so that we can subdvided the participants into two smaller groups to ensure that everyone gets a chance to take the lead, get closer and direct the models.

Is the the Content day workshop for videographers, or photographers only?

Photographers and videographers are both welcome! The Rêverie Content Day Workshop is open to anyone who wants to capture stunning editorial content for their brand. Please note that if you are part of a team, each of you will need to purchase your own ticket for the workshop due to the very strict cap on numbers.

Do you have a wet-weather plan?

Although the chances of rain in Perth in April are low, they are not nule. Lucky for us, the majority of the workshop will be taking place under cover. Of course, we hope to be able to use the beautiful gardens surround the property, however, we will

What is and isn't included on the day?

Your ticket to The Rêverie Workshop includes attendance for one (1) person for the entirety of the day (including education, long lunch and shoots). We will provide coffe and light snacks in the morning, as well as lunch (dietary requirements will be provided for).

Your ticket to the Workshop does NOT cover accomodation, or transportation between the location of the shoot to and from your accommodation. Finally, we do not provide any photography equipment.

I can no longer come to the workshop, can I get a refund?

Tickets to the Rêverie Content Day Workshop are non-refundable. However, if you can no longer come, you are free to transfer your ticket to another person who wishes to attend and will be responsible for both selling the ticket and handling all financial transactions.

The Rêverie Workshop starts in:

Before booking your ticket to The Rêverie Workshop, we kindly ask that you take the time to read and review our Terms and Conditions at the following link.

Do not hesitate to email us at if you have any questions

Kind Words

— Aline Kuba

Perth, Western Australia

Thank you so much for our mentoring session yesterday. Your guidance and expertise was great in helping me improve my photography skills. I truly appreciate your patience and willingness to share your knowledge. It was a wonderful learning experience, and I can already see the positive impact on my work. Thank you for your time and support; it means the world to me.

— Sunny Bishop

Perth, Western Australia

My live-shoot mentoring session with Alice was everything I wanted and more. Alice had a friendly and confident approach to working with the models and myself. During the live editing part of our session, she was only too happy to answer all my questions and share her knowledge without reservation! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING Alice!