Ten locations for your wedding portraits or engagement shoot in Perth

Ten locations for your wedding portraits or engagement shoot in Perth

Here are ten of my favorite locations in Perth, Western Australia which are perfect to have your wedding portraits or engagement photos taken at. From our beautiful WA coastline at sunset to the most remarkable buildings in Perth CBD, and some of the most beautiful gardens and parks around town.

1. Cottesloe Civic Centre

Cottesloe Civic Centre is the perfect location if you want a mixture of greenery and European-style architecture in your photos. From beautiful rose bushes to Spanish-looking arches, and some of the most photogenic stairs in Perth, it has everything you need.

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2. The Treasury Building

The perfect city location. With their mix of heritage and modern architecture and stunning aesthetics, they are home to some of Perth's best bars and restaurants. The State Buildings offer an array of options in a contained space which makes them very popular for engaged couples and brides and grooms alike. Their central location also makes them very easy to travel to and from.

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3. The University of Western Australia

UWA is your one-stop shop for all things beautiful light, architecture, and greenery. The University of Western Australia (especially The Sunken Gardens, Winthrop Hall, and Tropical Grove) is home to some incredible backdrops that will almost make you forget you're in Perth for a second (and like you're somewhere in Europe instead).

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4. Fremantle's West End

The town of Fremantle, and especially its 'West End' is our own little slice of Melbourne here in Perth. Freo is a great choice if you are after an industrial vibe (think photos at the port, or near the warehouses), and/or a more classic look in front of the many beautiful heritage-listed buildings. It's also a short walk or drive to the beach, if you want to include another location in your shoot.

5. The Stirling Gardens

The Stirling Gardens are situated right across the road from the State Buildings which makes them a great addition to your shoot, especially if you also want to add a little bit of greenery to your final gallery.

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6. The beach

We are so lucky here in Perth to not only have access to some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, but to also have the sun setting over the ocean. A beach portrait session is perfect if you are after those dreamy golden hour photos (as long as you're not afraid to dip your toes in the water).

Some of my favorite beaches to shoot at include

  • North Cottesloe Beach
  • Trigg Dog Beach
  • South Fremantle Beach
  • Mosman Beach

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7. Booyeembara Park

Booyeembara Park is highly underrated in my opinion. This park offers a wide range of diversity in terms of backdrops. There, you will find a small olive grove, a lake surrounded by reeds, and a lot of greenery. It's also relatively quiet which is great for couples who find themselves a bit self-conscious about having their photo taken around other people.

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8. Cathedral Square (White Arches)

The White Arches are a unique and contemporary piece of architecture that will make any wedding portraits look special. They are also a great option in case of rain and are only a few hundred meters from the State Buildings.

9. Trigg Reserve

Trigg Reserve looks over the ocean just between Scarborough and Trigg. It's a great location for nature and wilderness lovers. Windswept, untouched and quiet, and the perfect viewpoint to watch the sunset over the ocean. What else do you need?

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Other locations

Perth is home to so many other great locations. From quiet back streets to beautiful lookouts, and of course, hidden little spots by the riverbanks.

A few other options might include your home, a private property you have access to (and permission to shoot at) or a photography studio. And if you have a specific location in mind for your wedding portraits or engagement shoot, I'd love to hear it! It's all about honoring you and your love story, and including elements that feel authentic to you.

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A Quick note on permits: please, note that it is your responsibility to find out whether you need a permit to shoot at any location and to purchase one if needed. Your photographer should be able to help in most cases (especially if they have shot there before), but ultimately, cannot be held responsible if the photoshoot is cut short due to an absence of permit.

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