Rochelle and Lee’s spring wedding under the trees at Harold Boas Garden

Rochelle and Lee’s spring wedding under the trees at Harold Boas Garden

A love story for the ages

Rochelle and Lee go back, wayyyy back.
They used to be next-door neighbors back in the late 90’s. Rochelle had the biggest teenage girl crush on her handsome neighbour, Lee, and would wait by the door of her Queensland home at the end of the day for him to drive back home in his 1964 Cortina. Alas, that time just wasn’t right for Lee and Rochelle to be together. And so they both got on with their lives, each went on to marry someone else, learned a bunch of lessons in the process, and grew into the people that they are today. They still shared a bond, however, and remained friends from afar throughout the years.

Four years ago, they found each other again. After each having gone through a first marriage, they found themselves single again, with a clear idea of what they wanted out of life, and out of a partner. And so their story continued, and resulted in the beautiful celebration of love and friendship that I got to witness on Friday the 23rd of September 2022.

Together, at last

In my pre-wedding questionnaire, I ask couples to describe to me one photo that they would like to walk out with at the end of their wedding day. Maybe it’s a photo with a special family member, maybe it’s their first kiss, or maybe it’s a photo at a special, meaningful location. To that question, Rochelle answered “Anything that captures the intimacy I see in many of your photos. I waited a long time for a partner to look at me and embrace moments of touch and intimacy so I would love to see that.”

Looking through those portraits of Rochelle and Lee, I can see exactly what Rochelle is talking about. I can see how Lee looks at her, and how she looks at him, and how much love and longing there’s been between these two for a very long time now. They were simply so grateful to have found their way back to each other, and so, so happy to be able to call each other husband and wife after all these years.

Their day, their way

From what I’ve gotten to know about Rochelle and Lee, their day was so ‘them’. Rochelle got ready at home surrounded by a few close family members, her best friend and maid of honor, Jess, and of course, by her and Lee’s adorable two cats. She went foraging the day before for some native Australian flowers and put together her own bouquets on the morning of her wedding. And last but not least, she headed to the ceremony in the very same car that she used to watch Lee get out of at the end of an afternoon spent waiting for him to come back, his 1964 classic Cortina.

Rochelle and Lee got married under majestic trees, and right next to a small waterfall at the beautiful Harold Boas Garden in West Perth. You could hear the gentle lapping of water, the soft swooshing of the wind in the trees, and the many species of birds singing the arrival of spring as background noises, whilst Lee and Rochelle were reading their personalized vows to each other.

After a sweet and heartfelt ceremony, we went around Harold Boas Garden, where I got to capture Rochelle and Lee in their element: amongst nature, under the trees, admiring spring flowers, with the sound of birds chirping in the background. We made one final stop on their way to their reception for some for photos in the backstreets of North Perth. In the corner of two lanes, under the wisteria and cherry blossoms, with his classic Cortina next to them, Rochelle and Lee swayed away on their first dance song, soaking in the sheer happiness that the prospect of spending the rest of their lives together brought to them.

Lee and Rochelle, thank you for letting me into your bubble, for sharing your story with me, and for allowing me to capture your connection.


Ceremony: Harold Boas Garden
Celebrant: Blair Fraser

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