Did you know I also take
portraits that depict the real
& honest version of yourself?

Every individual, every connection deserves to be immortalised.

Photos for...

~ models trying to build their portfolio

~ parents or anyone wanting to have beautiful memories of their family together

~ entrepreneur/small business owners trying to build their brand

~ dog/cat/rabbit parents and their beloved pet(s)

~ best mtes after unique photos of the two (or three) of them together

~ anyone who just wants to feel good about themselves

Photography has been my passion since I was a young teenager, and people have always been my favorite thing to photograph. I find the act of photographing people extremely intimate. As an introvert, it allows me to connect with people on a deeper level as my aim is always to try and capture the essence of the person or relationship I am photographing.

I have this drive to document connection around me, and not just romantic ones. As a society, we put so much emphasis on romantic relationships, and although they are so bloody important (hello, I'm a wedding and couple photographer after all), there are so many other relationships in our life that shape us and are just as important. Unfortunately, these too often aren't treated with the same care and attention than romantic ones.

This is my attempt to celebrate and honnor these other connections that too often go unforgotten, and yet are vital to our wellbeing.

People, moments, places. This is how it all started.