Love by the beach – Blainy and Ryan

June 20, 2020

Love by the beach at sunset with lovebirds Blainy and Ryan. A winter sunset like no other at one of my favorite Perth beaches. No surprise if you know me in real life or if you follow me online, sunset is quite literally my favorite time by the day.

During the colder season, I often got asked by my couples/models if I recommended shooting during winter or if they should wait for the weather to get better during spring and summer. Every time, my answer was: don’t!

The winter light is so special, soft and glowy. Summers in Australia can be really hot. Don’t get me wrong, those balmy evenings and nights are my favorites, but the light can be quite harsh during the day or even at sunset.

Bottom line is: don’t ever feel like because you want to book your photoshoot outdoors you should wait for the right season or even the right weather!

I will let the following photos speak for themselves. Hopefully, I will have proven my point to you by the time you’ve finished reading this article.

Blainy and Ryan were so in tune with each other, having banter one minute, and lost in a loving embrace the next. They let me into their little bubble of happiness and I felt so privileged. Seeing them interacting with each other and being able to capture these beautiful moments with the two of them was truly special.

This shoot was published by Polka Dot Wedding. Head to the article on their blog to read what Ryan and Blainy themselves have to say about their experience with me, and to find out a little bit more about their story.

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