Intimate elopement – Elana and Devin at Gwelup Secret Garden

June 25, 2020

Elana and Devin’s intimate elopement at the beautiful and luscious Gwelup Secret Garden back in June of this year.

What’s not to love about this intimate and laid-back elopement? Surrounded by and at one with nature in the early hours of the morning. Birds chirping, gentle light peeking through the branches, the morning dew soaking our shoes, our cold breath catching the first rays of sun and turning into a glowy puff of smoke, just to name a few of the highlights from this beautiful elopement. It was as if we had been swallowed by the woods and had forgotten that the world around us existed. Am I the only one getting some major fairytale vibes from these photos?

A DIY Elopement

The talented Elana composed her own bouquet, as well as the flower crown she’s wearing on the photos, and the bouquet you can see on the table. She also did her own hair and make-up, made Devin’s boutonniere, and beautifully set the table where they can be spotted enjoying a drink and a few colorful donuts on some of the photos.

Elana is dressed by Nuku Bridal, whose gown is fitting her like a glove. The lace and details of the gown reminding the patterns of the multitude of trees and plants which we were surrounded by.

Devin is wearing his own clothes, which I absolutely love. The saying ‘less is more’ makes total sense to me when I see this elopement. Absolutely zero fuss, and all the class.

If you’ve never been to Gwelup Secret Garden, make yourself a favor and go check them out. I can absolutely recommend going at the early hours of the morning, as they look all the more magical.

That magical morning light


Bride and groom: Elana and Devin
Gown: Nuku Bridal
Bouquet and other flower arrangements: Elana
Location: Gwelup Secret Garden

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