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Bonjour, I'm Alice

Dog mum, wine and cheese lover, amateur adventurer

Woman in white shirt sitting on rocks with a dog

Why photography?

I've always had a camera in my hand, for as long as I can remember. From my grandpa's old polaroid, to my first reflex camera ever, including the disposable Kodak which I still love to experiment with whenever I travel, or even just my phone camera, I feel empty without some kind of device that allows me to capture the moment.

I have this drive to document everything so I can remember things by when my memory starts to fail me. I just adore how photography allows me to relive moments forever and ever. This feeling of getting transported back to a certain moment and place in time whenever you look at a photograph is what made me fall in love with it in the first place and what keeps fueling my passion over the years.

My style and approach

Mes photos sont une représentation de qui je suis : terre à terre, sensible, honnête et curieuse. Pour moi, une vraie oeuvre d'art n'est pas nécessairement "belle", mais elle provoque une réponse émotionnelle chez son observateur et c'est ce que j'ai en tête à chaque fois que j'ai mon appareil photo en main. Mon but ultime est de capturer et de faire justice aux connexions, aux émotions et aux moments qui se déroulent sous mes yeux. J'essaye de créer quelque chose de profond et d'important qui laissera sa marque.

A mes yeux, la photo a toujours eu quelque chose de magique. Elle me permer de capturer des moments pleins de vie, pleins d'amour, et de garder ces moments auprès de moi pour toujours. Les émotions sont intimements liées aux photos, alors quand vous regardez les votres, j'éspère que vous êtes transportés à chaque instant qui a été capturé et que vous reviviez chacuns d'entre eux graces à vos images. 

Mon style? Un mix de documentaire et éditorial. I take a relaxed and non-intrusive approach, being a bit of an introvert myself, but I'll also guide you throughout your portrait session (and even the rest of your day) to make your experience seemless and most of all, enjoyable and fun. I thrive to tell the story of your day as it was: love, tears, hugs, awakward dance moves and all, all the whilst painting you and your love in the most wonderful light (both literally and figuratively).

"Alice Andre weaves elements of editorial, lifestyle, and documentary photography for a style that is truly her own. She uses the stylized glamour of editorials as a springboard for her polished couples portraits and the candid nature of documentary work for images that capture the real you. This blend of polished and raw is the epitome of dynamic and allows her to give you the best of both worlds—portraits of who you are at that moment and your best self. "

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Truth be told, I am probably not the biggest sucker for grand love gestures or the most romantic person out there.

For me, love is in everyday gestures.
Love is this feeling of finding a home within another person.
Love is being comfortable enough to be your true self around this person.

Love is messy,

Love is vulnerability.

Let me capture your love story