Education is, in my opinion, one of the single best investments you can make as a photographer and business owner. It is the gift that keeps on giving.
I am where I am today thanks to the courses I've spent most of my business savings on, the countless hours of podcasts and audio books I've listened to, all the workshops I have attended, the webinars that have had me glued to my screen, and most importantly, the people who have shared their wisdom with me along the way.

My background

I have a background in education and before I put my all into wedding photography, I used to be an English teacher. Although I loved teaching, that particular job wasn't fullfilling, and in January 2020, I made a single goal for myself to accomplish during the new year: become a professional wedding photographer, even for part-time only to start with. Two months later, the world went into lockdown, and weddings were a thing of the past.

I lost my teaching job, got a job at a local coffee shop, and started my wedding photography from the ground up in the middle of a pandemic. I shot my first wedding in 2020, and since then, I have photographed close to one hundred weddings and countless of commercial and portrait shoots, worked with and shot for some of the most talented photographers in Perth, expanded my business to my home country of France, and reached a six-figure income.

In less than three years, I successfully built a wedding photography business and my drive to keep growing and to take it to the next level only grows stronger every day. Teaching and passing on my knowledge and passion for photography gives me utter joy.

Mentoring sessions options

Take a look at the different options available for mentoring sessions and take your pick based on your budget and how much information you are hoping to get out of these. These sessions can be done over video conference or face-to -face over a coffee if you live in Perth.





Live shoot + Edit

Four-hour session

Two-hour session

One-hour session

Perfect for the newbies and/or those who can't invest too much time and money into education just yet.

A one-hour session is perfect to discuss one topic around photography or business in depth or two topics that are closely related.

Available over video-conference only.

These deep-dive half-day sessions are for those who really want to invest into their business and have lots of questions.

These sessions are great if you have multiple questions about different topics and can be more structured than the shorter sessions (e.g. one half of the session can be more photography/creativity-focused, whilst the other half can be business-oriented).

These slightly longer sessions are great for those who want to delve a little deeper into things.

A two-hour session means we have more time to chat, and I can find out more about your goals and what you want out of our session. I recommend picking up to four questions fo those type of sessions so we really have time to go through each and every one of them.

Come with me on a couple shoot and take a peek behind the scenes. You will see how I interact with my couples, which prompts I use, how I work with light and location. You can ask me any questions during the shoot and have a go at things yourself. Once the shoot is over (appoximately one hour), we can head somewhere with our laptops, import our photos, and edit a few of them. You can look at my screen and see which presets I use, how I edit my photos and ask me any questions about editing and post production.

Available face-to-face only. Up to three hours max.

AUD$650.00 + GST

AUD$1,600.00 + GST

AUD$390.00 + GST

AUD$990.00 + GST

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Topic ideas

Here are a few suggestions of topics you might want to consider, but feel free to ask me about anything you want.

Or on the business side of things:

- Client experience
- Client meetings
- Website
- Price guide  
- Social media
- Instagram/reels
- Pricing
- Softwares
- Workflows
- Albums and packaging
- Mindset

- Associate/second shooting

- Booking work overseas/intersate

On the photography side of things:

- Creativity/inspiration
- Posing and prompting
- Use of light
- Connecting with couples
- Editing
- Editorial and styled shoots
- Gear and camera settings
- Curation

- Portfolio building

Mentoring session inquiry form

Ready to take things to the next level with a mentoring session, but unsure of which option is best suited to you? Feel out the form below and I will get back to you within 72 hours.

Please note that the 'Live shoot + edit' session can only be booked via this form as we need to decide on a time, day and location that work for the both of us.