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Bonjour, I’m Alice

I'm the human behind the lens.

And yes, I'm French. I was born and raised in a tiny town, in a beautiful region of the south-east of France named Provence. I grew up surrounded by the smell of fresh lavender, the sound of cicadas in summer, the taste of my mum's homemade chocolate cake, and the sight of the Mont-Ventoux from my backyard.

As much as I love France and it will forever be my home, I always knew I belonged somewhere else. So in 2015, I left home to spend a university exchange year near Copenhagen, Denmark as part of my master degree. A year later, in 2016, I took a big leap of faith and moved to Australia for a 'gap year'. I have never looked back.

I lived my best foodie life in Melbourne for almost three years, until the weather got the best of me, and I made the move to Perth, driving across the Nullarbor for three days straight with my partner, together with our dog and our cat.

Nowadays, I live less than 2 kilometres from the Indian Ocean and I get to photograph humans in love for a living. I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else.
I am genuinely happy to wake up in the morning and get to work. I don't hate Mondays anymore. I get to be my own boss and work with friends. I create something meaningul for people to look back on, and translate moments into tangible mementos they can keep around forever.

Why photography?

I've always had a camera in my hand, for as long as I can remember. From my grandpa's old polaroid, to my first reflex camera ever, including the disposable Kodak which I still love to experiment with whenever I travel, or even just my phone camera, I feel empty without some kind of device that allows me to capture the moment.

I have this drive to document everything so I can remember things by when my memory starts to fail me. I just adore how photography allows me to relive moments forever and ever. This feeling of getting transported back to a certain moment and place in time whenever you look at a photograph is what made me fall in love with it in the first place and what keeps fueling my passion over the years.

My style and approach

I believe my work is a reflection of who I am: down-to-earth, sensitive, honest and curious. To me, art is not only about beauty, but about an emotional response. So whenever I pick up my camera, my aim is always to capture, and hopefully do justice, to connections, emotions and moments as they unfold in front of me, and to create something meaningful to look back on.

My style? A documentary approach with an editorial finish.

In non-photography words, this means a very relaxed, non-intrusive, and easygoing approach on your wedding day, but without sacrificing the quality and look of your photos. I don’t believe in manufacturing moments, so instead, I go with the flow, capturing split seconds as they unfold in front of me throughout the day, only stepping in to guide you through some gentle and natural poses if needed. I tell the story of your day as it unfolds in front of my lenses whilst painting you and your love in the most wonderful light. In your final wedding gallery, you can expect a mix of documentary (authentic) and editorial (magazine-like) imagery, classic portraits and spontaneous moments, vignettes of details and candid frames, with a clean and natural edit that will outlive trends and survive the test of time.

To me, photography is a little bit like magic. It allows me to capture and encapsulate little moments of life, love, and connection, and keep them around forever. This is at the forefront of my mind when I document your story. Emotions are tied to photographs, so I aim to create images that will transport you back to the very moment your pictures were taken and relive those moments all over again. I thrive to tell the story of your day as it was: love, tears, hugs, awakward dance moves and all, all the whilst painting you and your love in the most wonderful light (both literally and figuratively).

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Associate & Second Photographer

Second Photographer, Assistant

Brenton is my partner of six years and father to our dog and cat (yes, we're that crazy couple). Although he didn't grow up with a love for photography like me, or an urge to document everything around him, he turns out to be an excellent learner and quickly picked up the ropes when he started to tag along at weddings with me.

Brenton is my support person for the day, whether that means making sure I drink enough water, bring me snacks (I require a lot of these on a wedding day), or jump in the driver seat so I can take short breaks between locations, he just makes my life easier. This, in turns, means that I get to be much better at my job.

He also takes photos throughout the day, focusing on guests, and candids, taking a fully documentary approach. He works full time as an engineering geologist (don't start talking to him about rocks or we'll be there all day), so although he doesn't come with me to every wedding, he's happy to jump in an help if none of my usual second shooters are available on the day.

Mary is a dear friend and incredible artist. She is an experienced wedding photographer and has shot many weddings across Europe and Australia. She is now busy studying social work and making the world a better place for all, so for that reason, she isn't taking her own wedding bookings. Instead you'll often find her helping me out with me on a wedding day as my second shooter, or stepping in as my associate shooter if I have two weddings booked on the same date and you have opted for this option.

Mary and I have very similar shooting styles, a mix of documentary and editorial, relaxed, non-intrusive and candid. She's an incredible human and you would be very lucky to have her as your photographer on the day.

What's an associate photographer, you ask? Having someone like Mary as my associate shooter means that they would be your photographer on the day, but would be working under my brand. So I would still be the person you'd be communicating in the lead up to your wedding day, and most importantly, I would be the one editing your gallery so your photos would be edited to the same standards as what you can see in my portfolio.

"Alice Andre weaves elements of editorial, lifestyle, and documentary photography for a style that is truly her own. She uses the stylized glamour of editorials as a springboard for her polished couples portraits and the candid nature of documentary work for images that capture the real you. This blend of polished and raw is the epitome of dynamic and allows her to give you the best of both worlds—portraits of who you are at that moment and your best self. "

"Alice Andre is an international photographer, originally from France and now based in Perth, Australia. She often returns to France to visit family and friends and loves to travel, experiencing different cultures and capturing moments of life and love that she can keep forever. Her photography style is a combination of documentary and editorial, and her work has been featured in several magazines. She focuses on capturing genuine emotions and creating something meaningful for her clients to look back on."

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Listed amongst the 21 Best Wedding Photographers in Australia and New Zealand by the wed

— Toby & Dom

— Taleah & Matthew

"We adore Alice! She put such effort into preparing for our big day - taking note of the elements important to us and capturing special moments we would have missed otherwise. Our bridal party and couple shots were intimate and full of laughter as Alice created such a comfortable and natural atmosphere. We have sat together so many times already and looked through the gallery, reliving little moments again and again. It is so clear in her preparation, communication and delivery of work that Alice cares deeply about her craft."

"There are no words that can describe how beautiful our experience was with Alice as our wedding photographer. She captured our day perfectly. The love between me and my husband was very much intertwined in every bespoke photograph and the edits she made only enhanced the magic of it all. I adored Alice’s photography style, she captures the small intimate moments between lovers and the warming moments between friends and family, and adds light to both of these. Not only is she so easy going and bubbly throughout your wedding experience, but Alice becomes a good friend and joy to catch up with. It really was an overall beautiful experience, one that my husband and I will cherish through her photographs forever."

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